Louisiana Style Cook Out !

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Okay Y’all! I ain’t from the south , but with weather like this, I sure wish I was! All jokes aside, this southern style dinner is one that will have the kids begging for MORE! I created this ensemble myself one day after school. I was craving something flavorful, and hearty for dinner. The idea originally came about when I remembered my mom making corn bread for thanksgiving. It was AWESOME! Unfortunately , I did not have any cornmeal at home to make cornbread with this recipe, it would have truly completed this meal. Either way, these sour cream mash potatoes with stuffed mushroom /cajun chicken breast was MOUTH WATERING!

Ingredients :
1. Chicken Breast
2. Half an Onion
3.2 Peppers of your choice
4. Green Beans
6.Garlic/Onion Powder
7.Cajun Seasoning
8.Olive Oil
9.Lemon Pepper
10.2 tbsp Butter/Margarine
11. 1/2 cup Sour Cream
12. 1/4 Cup Milk
13.1/2 cup vinegar


Green Beans:
In a pot, bring 3 cups of water and 1tbsp of salt to boil. Pour in green beans and boil until tender. Strain, and ad 1tsp of butter. Toss, ad black pepper/salt, and ready to serve.

Cajun Chicken:
In a large bowl, clean chicken breast with 1/cup of vinegar and luke warm water. Strain Water.
1. With a fork, poke chicken breast all over
2. Drizzle olive oil over chicken breast, and coat thoroughly
3. Slice chicken breast horizontally without completely slicing it open ( like a book)
4. Add uncooked sliced mushrooms, put them inside the chicken breast
5. Season chicken with cajun seasoning, black pepper, salt, chopped onions, and garlic powder
6.Leave in fridge for 4-5hours ( for best results but can cook right away)
7. Preheat oven to 400 and bake for 25-30 minutes

In a skillet fry peppers on medium heat. Season with a bit of salt / sweet teriyaki sauce . Afte 5-7 minutes, ready to serve.

Mash Potatoes :
Peel 6-8 Large/medium potatoes and boil until cooked.

1. Strain Water from pot
2. Add butter, sour cream , salt, milk, and black pepper to potatoes
3.Mash Away!
4. Ready to serve


Hearty Meat Sauce Pasta!


Oh how I love me some bad carbs! This recipe is one of my favorite comfort food dinners that makes a TON of servings to last throughout the week! This recipe is easy because you can personalize it to whatever type of pasta you’d like, as well as how you choose to season your ground beef. Season and cook ground beef along with onions, mushroom , peppers, and diced cherry tomatoes in skillet. Pour pasta sauce over meat once fully cooked. Enjoy!

1 1/2 Pound Lean Ground Beef
Half an Onion
Half a package of mushrooms
Orange/Red pepper to taste
Classico Tomato Sauce
Cherry Tomatoes
Black Pepper/Spices/Tex Mex Seasoning
Hot Sauce
Cheddar Cheese

Fashion Show Photoshoot

Chanel Hat1

I had the pleasure of capturing my best friend, while she was shooting for McMaster ACA’s annual fashion show in march. Styled collaboratively, this look really came to life for us. I hope to strengthen my photography skills as I continue to experiment and do what I love.

Homemade Aged Cheddar Mac n Cheese


I am the QUEEN of trial and error. Or trial and success.This easy 15 minute comfort meal is one that you will have to monitor your intake ! I’m trying to stay away from white carbs, but lately I’ve been going through some emotional eating, can a girl live!?

-Macaroni Shell Pasta (1 small pack)
-1 cup Sharp cheddar
-1/2 cup Aged white Cheddar (Balderson, or brand of choice)
-Black Pepper
-1 tbsp Flour
-1/3 cup Milk
-2 tbsp Butter

1. Bring salt and water to boil
2. Add pasta, cook covered and occasionally stir until pasta are tender
3.In a bowl, use a grater to grate cheeses
4.In a separate skillet/pot combine cheeses, flour, milk and butter on low heat
5. Stir until cheese mixture is melted
6. Take pasta off heat, drain
7. Pour melted cheese mix on top of pasta , mix well
8.Add black pepper to taste
9. Enjoy !

2-Day Marinated Asiago Chicken Breast

raw chicken cook2 cook

Can someone say ASIAGO? I had the pleasure of enjoying this meal last night, and I am proud to say that with trial and error, I have mastered my own ORIGINAL chicken breast recipe! It is really to die for, and the prep for the chicken is what has it coming out tender and well-seasoned EVERY TIME. It takes about 15 minutes to prep, and 20 minutes cook time ( after two days of marinating). I enjoyed this meal with a nice romaine lettuce Cesar salad. I will have leftovers for a few days and will enjoy my chicken breast with many other sides throughout the week. A MUST try!

Ingredients :

-Boneless Chicken Breast
-Olive Oil
-Black Pepper
-All purpose BBQ seasoning
-Garlic, Onion and Herb seasoning
-Asiago Cheese sauce

1. Clean/ wash chicken with water mixed with vinegar
2.Rinse chicken
3.Put chicken in large bowl. Stab chicken breast with fork multiple times
4.Pour Olive oil and seasonings onto the chicken
4.Chicken should be thoroughly covered with seasonings
5.Put chicken breast in Tupperware container, leave in fridge for 2 days


6.Preheat Oven to 450degrees
7.Lay chicken onto cookie sheet with tin foil
8.Bake for 20minutes
9.Pour asiago on top of chicken breast
10. Enjoy!

Homeade Apricot Jam !


Fall is upon us, and that means lots of gorgeous colours, recipes, family time, and of course home-making activities! My mother and I had made home-made apricot jam that was amazing! Sweet, with an amazing consistency this easy do-it-yourself recipe can be prepared in just 30 minutes and makes many servings! This recipe is a great way to get the kids involved with lots of stirring, pouring, and jarring. You wont regret this one ! Click the link below to get the details on how I made this delicious jam